From Los Angeles:
 Take Interstate 5 North to Hwy 14 North, past the city of Mojave. Merge North onto Hwy 395. In Olancha take a right turn, heading East, onto Hwy 190 all the way to Furnace Creek in Death Valley. From Furnace Creek take the Badwater Road South. About a mile from Furnace Creek in, look on your left (East) for the parking area for Golden Canyon.

If you approach to Death Valley from Los Angeles through the Panamint Valley, you can shave 60 minutes off your trip to all points within Death Valley. This route is paved the whole way, and takes advantage of County roads.

Take Interstate 5 to Hwy 14 as described above. North of Mojave, at Cantil/Jawbone Canyon, take the Randsburg - Red Rock Road Cut off to your right. Turn left heading North on GARLOCk Road. Garlock Road ends at Hwy. 395, where you'll turn left, heading North. Pay close attention to the roads that lead off of Hwy 395 because about 5 miles north of Garlock Road, you'll take a right on Searls Station Cutoff. 9 miles North on Searls Station Cutoff, the road makes an abrupt right turn, and stops at the Trona Road. Turn left on Trona Road, heading North.
At Hwy 178, turn right heading East towards Trona. Gas, and Food is available in the town of Trona. Continue through Trona on the Trona-Wildrose Road.

Take the Panamint Valley Road to your left, continuing North and ending at Hwy 190. At Hwy 190, turn right (East) and continue to Furnace Creek.