JOHNATHAN BEHR            

Hello, my name is Johnathan Behr.Johnathan Behr, landscape photographer

I am a freelance photographer and fashion designer based in Pasadena, California. My passion is photographing spectacular landscapes and architecturally significant urban settings.

In Southern California, where I reside with my wife Brigida, we are blessed with an unbelievable palette of natural splendor; from alpine summits and lake studded basins to lush coastal mountains and valleys to exotically austere desert wonderlands and foaming seashores. Perhaps, no place on God's green earth boasts of such mind-boggling diversity of terrain and scenic delights within a few hours drive in any direction as does California.

This is the land that inspired me to pick up a camera and hike the highest mountains, scour the desert for fields of wildflowers and comb our rugged coastline all in an effort to capture this amazing beauty on film and bring it back to family and friends and share the magical scenery I was witnessing on the trails I walked.

Since 1996 this has been my personal mission and creative passion. In the last couple of years I've
expanded into urban settings, as well. My specialty is color photography and I take great pride in coming
back with images that are dynamic in color and

The images in my photo galleries are shot with film and are not digitally altered. If anything, on the web, you lose intensity of color and clarity. These images literally jump out of the frame in person.
I guarantee it because I meticulously oversee the entire printing and framing process. This is not an overseas, slapped together, internet photo poster ordering web site.

All of my fine art prints are made from high quality drum scans from the original film, printed on archival silver based LightJet prints, and are signed and professionally framed as a gallery piece.

If you would like to order my fine art prints call me anytime toll-free at (888) 957-8487 and we can discuss all the particulars!

Thank You For Your Interest,

Johnathan Behr

To Purchase these images as Fine Art Prints, call Johnathan Behr in Pasadena, California at 626 844 4360 or toll free (from most of U.S.) at 888 957 8487 or email questions to JWBehr [at] yahoo (dot) com